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Cynical Internet Addicts' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Cynical Internet Addicts

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Why I hate Bush [21 Jan 2004|12:12am]

[ mood | discontent ]

He's an idiot,moronic,illiterate. Bush not only won't read half the documents he is presented with, he has someone else condense them for him, and then inform him of the contents. He lies. About many things, but more than anything, he lied about Weampons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. He's a liar using "liberalism" to cover up for what his family has done. They're into big buisness with the Saudi Royal Family, (Osama bin Laden's family) and he's done a lot with tax payer money to keep his buisness dealings secret. He's restricting democratic protest and other freedoms in America, where is it's supposed to be a haven from such restrictions.
I don't like him because he represents everything that is wrong with this country. He is trying to turn back the separation of church and state AND take away women's rights.Some scum bag should go rape his whore daughters (who drink under the age and do coke and heroin)and see how he stands on womens rights then!!! He supports an amendment to the US Constitution to prevent gay marriages. He has advisors who are some of the worst perpetuators of corporate fraud and he will not reveal who they are, not even under court order. He is desperately trying to use Iraq to further his supporters. He passed tax cuts that are obviously going to the rich. He is a liar, cheat, and a hypocrite. He would never have made it to President if his brother wasn't the govenor of Florida, can we say FRAUD! And one more thing... He is also the puppet of his father... a duh did we not see this one comming America YOU blimy SHIT HEADS!!!!!!?!?!

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Proof... [27 Jun 2002|01:06pm]

God is dead.
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[18 May 2002|04:34pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

why i will not give out invite codes anymore. out of the thirteen i've given out, only four of those people use their journals anymore. hmph.

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[01 May 2002|12:38pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

dear customer,
so when you're walking out of a store and the alarm goes off, for fucks sake do not freeze in the middle of it and look at ME like i'm an idiot. thank you.

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[02 Apr 2002|10:28pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

i hate fucking people that continuously whine about how awful their life is. poor baby. upset because mommy and daddy still want to control your life? well it would make sense since you *do* live under their roof and anytime you look their way, they throw money at you. you don't even make an attempt to get a job for fucks sake. how can anyone really take your troubles seriously? if you're going to bitch and complain about how terrible your life is, move out. start doing thing on your own. then you'll really have something to complain about.

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silly musicals... [24 Mar 2002|02:15am]

[ mood | amusedly cynical ]

TurkishPirateX: okay...so why they hell did i walk into the living room and just hear people from Moulin Rouge singing nirvana??
omnibug lover: hahha
omnibug lover: thats the best part
TurkishPirateX: ::confused:: why!?
omnibug lover: do you know about the songs in that movie?
TurkishPirateX: no. nothing, in fact.
omnibug lover: ok heres the thing
omnibug lover: almost all of the songs are actually pop culture songs, from all different times, like elton john to nirvana to madonna and they sing the same words but in different contexts, and they put them together to help tell the story
omnibug lover: its done quite well in fact
TurkishPirateX: silly musicals.
TurkishPirateX: i just heard opera-style nirvana and saw a lot of girls opening their legs. go figure...

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[15 Feb 2002|10:33pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

So just now...some frat guys from upstairs were laughing at some drunk as shit behemouth because he fell down the stairs and knocked out his teeth...and I could hear the guy moaning, "My caps, my caps! Oh, shit!"

I go the the University of Alabama...not as redneck as it sounds. Be the frats and sorostitutes are every bit as bad as you might have heard. If you have time, read "Eating the Cheshire Cat". It's a great read if you hate Greeks.

Hope I haven't offended anyone. Not all Greeks are stupid, just each Greek that's willing to pay money for companionship...at least I can do it with style and call a stripper. J/k

oh, the hostility...

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[14 Feb 2002|02:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

okay. i know this argument comes up every year. but it's my turn.

i don't have a problem with valentine's day, i mean, it's a nice idea, sure...but i have a problem with people calling it a "holiday". what are we celebrating?? and why can't we celebrate this "niceness" to each other year round? must we designate ONE day out of the year to be romantic and thoughtful???

this is all i see from this day marked in red on the calendar:

1. lonely people feel even worse about being lonely.
2. too much emphasis is put on buying the right gift. what IS the "right" gift?? who thought of the idea that women automatically like chocolate and teddy bears, and that it'll get them in bed?!?
3. it gives people a chance to wear obnoxiously bright red and pink sweaters and knit sets, that they never could get away with the rest of the year.
4. good time to buy stock in the chocolate companies (or ice cream companies for those of us single women..ha).
5. there is an emphasis on the need to "have" someone. if you don't, you get a lot of pity. i don't want pity! i choose NOT to date--it's MY OWN CHOICE to be single!!

i rate this #2 on my list of worst holidays, just below christmas.


anyway. have a wonderful day!

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RAR! [17 Jan 2002|09:48am]

[ mood | pissed off ]


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retail during the holidays. [01 Jan 2002|05:12pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

okay so you'd think that during the holidays people would be nicer, more understanding, right? oh hell no. this is what i've learned working retail the past two holiday seasons (keep in mind, i work at a book & music store):

1. it's MY fault that i don't have the book or cd you want.

2. it's MY fault that we moved the registers and you have to walk your lazy ass fifteen feet in the opposite direction.

3. computers used for information look like registers.

4. it's MY fault you chose to wait in line.

5. i am the one who makes decisions to raise the prices and steal from hard-working suburbanites like yourself.

okay basically everything that goes wrong is my fault, right?


i wish people would treat others like they want to be treated...apparently people want to be treated like assholes.

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[30 Dec 2001|03:29pm]

Will someone please tell This Fuck That since *HE* has a penis, he probably shouldnt put "FEMALE" in his Yahoo Profile? HRM?
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[30 Dec 2001|12:10pm]

Okay, so there's this little warehouse out at the Pueblo Airport that's affectionatly known as the "Keeler Warehouse." I did my training there and was in shock as I saw the state of their warehouse. It's completly full, the towers are all leaning, and it's just not a happy situation all the way around. Since they're full, that means they cant receive anymore, and since the merchandise they have over there moves REALLY FUCKING SLOW, they'll send their imbiciles up to OUR warehouse to get some more hours. Peachy, right? More help? Hah. It took us 4 hours to recieve a truck that should have taken 2. These people are idiots.

*sigh* And once again I've lost my faith in humanity.
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[30 Dec 2001|11:38am]

[ mood | angry ]

I hate stupid people. More on this later. Oh yeah, welcome to my community.

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